System X Polish Nano

Polish Nano is a light to moderate correction
polish for ceramic priming.

Ceramic Coating Primer Polish
System X Polish Nano

System X Polish Nano

System X Polish Nano

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Ceramic Coating Primer Polish

System X Polish Nano is the ultimate dust free single step polish for preparing surfaces for coating application. Our ultra refined micro abrasive technology removes light to moderate swirls, scratches, oxidation, and paint defects leaving a swirl free, glass like finish.

Specifically designed to promote optimum bonding of ceramic coatings to paint, increasing hydrophobic properties significantly. Polish Nano offers a very long working time, easy wipe off, and excellent finish.

Polish Nano's water based formula leaves no micro marring, or residue due to a no silicone, wax and oils formula. Polish Nano is 100% paint shop safe. You will be amazed with this zero dust purpose built polish.

System X Polish Nano is formulated without and fillers - the results you see are what you get. Our adaptive nano abrasive is the most effective way to get out light to moderate scratches while leaving a hologram free finish ready for coating.

Able to remove up to 2500 grit sanding scratches, light to moderate paint defects, and imperfections from all paint types including conventional clear coat, ceramic clear coat, and traditional single stage paint finishes.

Polish Nano is also great for plastic after wet-sanding or compounding faded and hazy headlights and taillights for perfect clarity.

Suggested Quantities

We recommend the following product usage for the best results. Polish consumption will vary depending on how much correction is needed.

Honda Civic / Compact 50ml
Cadillac Escalade / SUV 100ml