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Based on patent-pending ceramic nanotechnology, Element 119 EdgeX erosion control coating delivers an estimated 50 hours of full erosion resistance in the most extreme environments. EdgeX remains strong and stable throughout its entire service life while competitor tapes and coatings fail within just a few hours.

Diagram showing EDGEX™ application on a blades leading edge

Key Benefits

Easy, In-the-field Application

Easily applies on demand and in the field

High Impact Resistance

Impact resistance: 120/120 in/lbs

Lightweight & Balanced

Virtually weightless and V2 readily absorbs radar energy

Easy Maintenance

Easily touch up and maintain coated edges

Far superior to band-aid solutions like polyurethane tape that easily disintegrates and can increase drag, EdgeX is also far easier, safer, more affordable, and more eco-friendly than complicated metal coatings. Keep aircraft mission-ready when it matters most and enjoy over 20X ROI plus significant labor time savings.

#1 Performing

Over 20X ROI

Compared to uncoated leading edges, EdgeX provides over 20X return on investment plus significant labor cost savings. More important than financial benefits, EdgeX allows aircraft to be mission-ready when it matters most.

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Element 119’s origin began in Connecticut back in 2010 as a specialty coating R&D company specializing in the aerospace industry. Coatings were developed for the likes of Sikorsky, Bombardier, as well as predominant airlines internationally.

10+ years and billions of dollars in protected assets later Element 119 is now represented in over 50 countries and counting. We owe our success to our close relationships with System X distribution and installation partners. We remain true to our mission, focused on delivering the best, most efficient, longest lasting coating technology on the planet. All of our ceramic coatings are manufactured at our facility in Thomaston, CT USA to the absolute highest quality standards.

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