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Ready for superior solar panel protection?

Solar panel coating testing in collaboration with the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory has shown over a 23X improvement in performance.

Improve efficiency with self-cleaning ceramic nanotechnology

Through extensive research and development, Element 119 offers a specifically designed coating for solar panels. Our new solar panel coating is invisible and lasts for many years. Element 119 is the best choice when you’re looking for preservation and boosting the energy efficiency of solar panels.

The self-cleaning coating bounces water off, carrying dirt with it, while cleaning the surface. Light, however, passes through the 100% optically clear coating.

Self Cleaning

Optimizes energy efficiency with less dust, dirt, and debris buildup

Snow Shedding

Coated panels shed snow 23X more efficiently

Anti Reflective

Anti-reflective properties allow more light to reach the PV semiconductor

Maximum Efficiency

Keeps solar energy production at its peak, around the clock

According to the US Department of Energy solar panels, reflecting less sunlight means a 3 to 6 percent increase in light-to-electricity conversion efficiency and power output of the solar cells. The water-repelling and self-cleaning properties also substantially reduce the maintenance and operating costs of solar panels.

Element 119 Solar Panel Coating repels water, soil, and stains for improved efficiency. Our long-lasting protection keeps solar panels cleaner and more efficient in between washings and is suitable for application during manufacture or after installation. This solution is safe on glass, plastic, or thin-film panels. Our solar panel ceramic coating prevents water, soil, and mineral deposit buildup for reduced costs of cleaning, care, and replacement.

Element 119’s Solar Panel Coating is a hard, hydrophobic, self-cleaning barrier of protection with an efficient, dust accumulation-reducing function. Our solution is highly UV resistant, heat, chemical resistant, and ultra-thin (<1 micron). Our impact and scratch-resistant solar panel coating shows a higher power output and more consistent energy efficiency.

This ceramic solar panel coating protects panel glass from erosion and staining from salt spray or mineral deposits. Able to endure harsh conditions from sub-zero to extremely hot environments, the coating can be used on solar mirrors as well.

You’ve finally found a coating that offers real protection, not an overstated promise. Contact us today to experience what our advanced coating technologies can do for you.

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By bonding molecularly to the surface and forming an extremely durable semi-permanent coating, Element 119 provides genuine long-term protection unmatched by other polymer sealants or wax products.

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    Element 119’s origin began in Connecticut back in 2010 as a specialty coating R&D company specializing in the aerospace industry. Coatings were developed for the likes of Sikorsky, Bombardier, as well as predominant airlines internationally.

    10+ years and billions of dollars in protected assets later Element 119 is now represented in over 50 countries and counting. We owe our success to our close relationships with System X distribution and installation partners. We remain true to our mission, focused on delivering the best, most efficient, longest lasting coating technology on the planet. All of our ceramic coatings are manufactured at our facility in Thomaston, CT USA to the absolute highest quality standards.

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