Pro is a high gloss ceramic coating
that provides up to 6 years of 9H protection.

Infinite Gloss Polymer Paint Sealant

Infinite Gloss Polymer Paint Sealant

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This super sealant is fortified with advanced American Super Polymers. This formula was developed to capture the deep, wet look of a carnauba car wax but last many times longer. Specifically formulated for ease of application.

Our unique paint sealant creates an extensive crystalline cross-linked polymer network increasing the surface's jetting factor while giving it that just dipped in glass look. The cured product produces a three dimensional protective surface that refracts light like millions of microscopic crystal prisms.

The glossy, glass-like shimmer enhances all paint colors. No other carnauba wax, synthetic wax, or paint sealant gives your vehicle the combination of depth, gloss and protection of Infinite Gloss. By decreasing surface tension to the point where contaminants slide right off with a quick rinse, your vehicle stays clean and looking great longer.

Infinite Gloss provides protection against extreme temperatures, road salt, salty ocean air, ozone, and other harsh conditions. Protecting your car in all seasons.

Element 119 Paint Sealant is formulated with advanced American Super Polymers to seal, protect, and bond to all painted vehicle surfaces, including diamond plate and composites. Providing full protection up to six months Infinite Gloss offers great protection for any painted surface, chrome, or gel coat. Replace your auto wax, aircraft wax, boat wax, and RV waxes forever!

• Lasts many times longer than wax - Less washing and less waxing
• Easy on - Easy off Formula
• No Harsh Abrasives 
• No special machines or buffers required.

Coverage Information

• Packaged in 1 gallon containers 128 oz. (3785 ml bottles), each gallon is sufficient for 12,600 sq ft (1170 sq meters) of application. 
• Approximately 48-64 midsize vehicle applications.

Application Information

• Application is an easy, one-step process. Removal time is not critical and may be preformed up to an hour after application. 

• Be sure paint surface is clean, dry, and protective coatings have been removed before application. Using a orbital polisher, D/A polisher, cotton towel, or microfiber towel apply a thin film of sealant evenly over the entire surface. 

• Allow paint sealant to dry thoroughly for 15-20 minutes (or until chalk haze forms), then remove with orbital polisher or several clean soft towels. 

Product Shelf Life

• Unopened product stored at room temperature has a shelf life of 3 years